Portable Urinal Hire

  • Four station male urinal - reduces the need for individual units
    vanity hire urinal hire portable urinals stackable
  • Provided ready for use
  • No mains service required
  • Good for approximately 1500 uses
  • Ideal for male use at concerts, festivals and sporting events with large crowds
  • Privacy screening available - please ask for details

Our portable urinals and hand sanitisers are an excellent space saving toilet solution. The urinals require no mains services and can be supplied with privacy screening if required (please ask). Our free standing hand sanitiser is ideal for use alongside our portable urinal units, it uses a sanitising hand gel similar to that found in hospitals and therefore needs no mains water or hand drying facility. It can be used to great affect in playgrounds or public spaces to help stem the spread of germs and diseases such as the latests super strains of flu.